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Save time, money, and reduce job site errors by having your materials delivered to your specs, and ready for installation. Cut to size orders are a great way to customize your project while minimizing waste during your project.


Our Cut-to-Size program is supported by our exclusive Italian design for premium engineered quartz applied on kitchens and vanities countertops. The program is mainly focused on large commercial projects such as hotels, resorts, and residential complex projects, among others. Our main goal is to provide value to our customers with the best product quality, service, and budget like no one in the market. Feel free to contact us for questions about your project. All sales are made by appointment only.

odeSlabs Presents Kalinga Stone - Engineered Quartz, Engineered Marble, 

CodeSlabs Kaling a match made in heaven! 

Terrazo, Bianco Thassos Best Sellers 

Slab Closeup/ slab view link to pic
Label: Best Seller, New Design, and …..  
Available finishes: Honed …. 

Flooring, Countertops, Wall - Look at silestone

Production capacity and facility. 

Cut to size. 

Cut to size. Perfected! 

Precise machinery, engineering, and technology combined with the perfectly designed stone. A match made in heaven!

Cut to size jobs are money saving but sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits.

Cut to size jobs are generally perceived as a risky process! 

Eliminating the risk and hassle experienced with cut to size. 

Eliminating the risk and hassle experienced of cut to size. 


Beautiful stone, coordination. Precision, advanced machinery, and Logisctics. All in one place, your hand!
Modernizing stone. 

Cause the Stone Age is a thing of the past. 


Cut to size jobs have 

Organized, precise, and of course “cut to perfection”! Learn More 

At CodeSlabs, our stone specialists and engineers collaborated to invent a new method that uses cutting edge technology and engineering to eliminate the hassle of cut to size jobs. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Enjoy!

Tech Slide 

Cause a true cut to size should be perfectly designed, engineered, and of course great high quality stone. View Sample project. 

Experience the difference!

How it works?

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