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Stones tailored to your drawings and lifestyle.

Jobs done the right way. 

Perfection is Real. Risks are gone.

There is no doubt that cut to size jobs are a money saving process.  It is a widely used method to customize stone project while minimizing waste during production. However, the process is still conceived as "risky" at times due to the required precision in each cut and the coordination requirements of all parties involved. We invite you to explore our end-to-end solution which brings perfection to each cut while keeping the workflow process organized and synchronized. 

1. Certified Drawings

2. Manufacturing

3. Packing and Loading

4. Shipment

5. Delivery


The End-To-End Solution

 A state of the art platform and a team of assigned project specialists truly dedicated to perfect cut-to-size jobs from start-to-finish.

Get Started

A platform that eliminates risks and adds trust.

 Simplifying the process and making the workflow efficient.  

Efficiency starts on day zero.  



A unique and organized solution with multiple tools designed to manage your project in real time.  Access schedules, quotes, spec sheets all in one place. Say goodbye to searching email threads and collaborate seamlessly with all parties involved.

Accuracy never tasted so good. Visualize before creating.



An interactive and fun process for your stone selection. Our user-friendly advanced visualization tool creates real-world scenarios with your favorite stone selections. Next, let us send you free samples of your favorite selections. Once satisfied, have your architects and contractors use our smart electronic signatures tool for all final drawings approvals.

Smooth, steady, fluent, you name it... 



Production begins immediately after receiving the final signed approved shop drawings. From here on, our platform sends important notifications related to the production cycle. Once all stones and cuts are completed, further notifications will be sent regarding freight and delivery dates. Our platform updates its users with the progress of the order through the entire production and delivery cycle from start to finish.

The icing on the cake. Easy.  


Schedule your team of fabricators to properly install your cut-to-size stones. Share the project with them to receive accurate bids and increase their productivity. Keep track of installed countertops and more! 

Installation teams available in select areas and upon request


Powerful Team.

Effective Workflow.


A successful cut to size project requires effective communication and collaboration between all parties involved. A productive workflow process allows users to make quick and smart decisions in real time. Aside from beautiful high-quality stones, communication and smart decision making are the pillars of our technology. 



Contractor / Developer


Interior Designer

CodeSlabs Expert



Straight Beveled


Basic Eased


Engineered Precisely and Detailed to Perfection.


Our detailed oriented engineering and design team re-design your original architectural drawings by adding an extra layer of precision. Each measurement is calculated to the exact millimeter leaving no room for mistakes. 


Detailed edging is essential when designing a beautiful custom cut stone. We offer a wide selection of edging details that will match any decorative style. 

Access all this information conveniently anywhere and anytime!

Click on any Smart Icon

Floor Plans.



And just when you thought things couldn’t get better. 

At the heart of our technology lies a feature that will make your project even more organized and manageable. 

Say Hello to our Smart Icons. 


A technology which enables a hands-on experience with your floor plan or blueprints. Simply click on a Smart Icon to obtain all information pertaining to that specific application. Visualize your cut-to-size stone designs and much more.

Kitchen Countertop


Vanity Countertop


 Contact us to schedule a 15 minutes DEMO,  to quote you a project, or to answer any inquiry you may have.

We are more than happy to help!   

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